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In this ongoing series, we ask executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders about mistakes that have shaped their business philosophy.

Cortnie Purdy-Fausner


Launched out of San Diego, The Venue Report is a digital media platform and directory that acts as a guide to locations and event spaces around the globe.

The Mistake:

Our biggest mistake was hiring the wrong team for our product, which for us is our website. We were in a rush to fix the first situation which led us to hiring another bad web team to try and dig us out of it. We majorly skimped here.

When all was said and done we spent a fortune and we really had nothing like what we envisioned our website should be.

It was the most helpless hair pulling experience of my life. You really can't do anything. You just have to sit through it, especially with a web team. Once you make that decision you are kind of stuck with that person or that team for a while.

We basically could have hired a great team for the same amount that we ended up spending on two teams. But, because we didn’t really vet the teams we were delayed and spent a crazy amount of money to have nothing that was usable in the end.

It was the most helpless hair pulling experience of my life.

The Lesson:

We have this whole interview formula that we follow now. We have a team of 12 internally and everyone has been with us for over a year. The one time we didn’t follow that formula we paid the piper again.

So, it has worked every single time. We have not been in a rush and sometimes we will do as many as five interviews if we need to. And we also make sure to find people that are a t-shaped hire.

At this stage of our startup we understand that we cannot do everything all at once. We hire people that can wear many hats.

We are hiring a team of t-shaped people that have multiple skillsets and can do different types of jobs.

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